Web & Application Development

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Web & Application Development

Ship Early. Ship Often

We’ll work with you in short sprints, monitoring performance and user experience, and iterating often to optimize your product. We work within a set of rigorous coding standards and focus on building elegant, simple, and flexible solutions—the kind that your customers will love to use.



It’s never been easier to stay connected. Conversely, it has become increasingly difficult to focus on what’s important. EvoTech has refined the art of client communication, using simple tools to promote transparency and shared progress in real-time.


Project Management

We practice agile development. It all starts with user stories—the simple statement of a role, need, and reason. We are experts at honing stories and breaking down the development effort into a prioritized backlog of tasks that drive our day-to-day efforts. And “we” means “us”—all input is shared, all output is clear.



The more closely we can work together, the more likely it is that we deliver working software faster. Our daily stand up meetings review the work we’ve done, the work we’re doing and the roadblocks that stand in our way. As each piece of your product is delivered, you can easily review, approve, or comment on the fly.

What we’re good at:

  • Developing web apps, mobile apps, and APIs
  • User experience and user interface design
  • Engineering, scaling, and technology strategy
  • Product strategy and management
  • Team augmentation and mentoring
  • Branding and identity

Ruby on Rails. Node.js, Angular. iOS. Android. Responsive. Big Data. Geospatial. Social. SaaS. DevOps.