...pledges to create and deliver quality products and services that enhance technologies for its customers around the world. Our team is dedicated to evolving solutions through its constant pursuit of groundbreaking innovations and creative minds.

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team Christy Sanders President / CEO

Christy was born and raised on a farm in Iowa, and now lives in Maryland with her son Jacob. She has been active in the evolution of technology since 1993. She believes strongly in building solid partnerships and building teams to create innovative results for customers. Empowering others is an instrumental part of her dynamic leadership style.

team Mark Smith Technologist

Mark helps to lead EvoTech and influence the technical direction of our clients. He was born and raised in Denver, CO and currently lives in Arlington, VA with his wife (Kathleen), two girls (Madison and Avery), and a dog named Brody. Outside of work he enjoys golf, time at the beach, and chasing his kids around.

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